Hilti Crash out for CRASH

Sleeping on the concrete forecourt of their Medway site served as “a poignant reminder of how many homeless people in Britain spend their nights” for those who took part in Hilti’s Crash out for CRASH event. 

The 21 colleagues from Hilti’s Division South participated in their 3rd annual event discovered the realities of sleeping rough when they undertook the challenge to spend a night with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a cardboard box.  

After a social gathering which included a BBQ, Firepit, a couple of beers and a very ‘Friendly’ game of England versus the Rest of the World football (which England comfortably won!), everyone slept on pallets, cardboard boxes and cold floors for the night.

“Fortunately for us we were blessed with nice weather, but even so, it got pretty cold during the night and everyone was clearly suffering with aches and pains the following day,” said Hilti’s Darryl Davenport.  “Everyone agreed that one night without a comfortable bed was a small sacrifice compared to what many less fortunate people have to face every night, throughout the year.  It was again a great event to be part of, sharing a unique experience with colleagues who want to make a difference and who wanted to give something back.

The event raised over £1500, money which will go directly to help getting people off the streets and the chance to rebuild their lives.

“Thank you to everyone who took part and to all those who kindly donated to this great cause, see you in 2015!!!!! “



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