Rough Sleeping Continues to Rise in the Capital

Figures released by the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) database shows that between 1 July and 30 September 2015, 2,869 people were recorded as sleeping rough on the streets of London, 6% more than the same period in 2014.

The quarterly report presents information about people seen rough sleeping by outreach teams and grouped into three categories:

• New rough sleepers – Those who had not been contacted by outreach teams rough sleeping before the period
• Living on the streets – Those who have had a high number of contacts over 3 weeks or more which suggests they are living on the streets
• Intermittent rough sleepers – People who were seen rough sleeping before the period began at some point, and contacted in the period – but not regularly enough to be ‘living on the streets’

In total during outreach teams recorded 2869 individuals sleeping rough. Of this total:
• new rough sleepers account for 47% of all rough sleepers
• intermittent rough sleepers account for 41% of all those recorded in the period, and
• 3% of those recorded during the period were living on the streets

Commenting, Rick Henderson, Chief Executive of umbrella body Homeless Link, said:
“It is alarming to see yet another rise in the number of people sleeping rough in London. We need to ask ourselves some hard questions about why so many are finding themselves with little choice but to bed down on the streets and ensure that we have an effective safety net.”