Independent Living for Single Homeless Adults

Based in Northumberland, Blyth Star Enterprises seek to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people, a significant number of whom have severe and enduring mental health issues, in major transitions in their lives. The charity delivers 24 hour high support accommodation to seven people through their residential rehabilitation unit and help more than 70 people in their own homes.

“For an individual with learning disabilities and/or enduring mental health issues, a key part of taking control of their own life is having the power to choose where and how they’d like to live, and the degree of care they feel they need,” explains the organisation’s CEO Gordon Moore.

There is a lack of support for people to manage mental health needs and tenancies within the community therefore Blyth Star Enterprises is looking to establish two ‘step down’ apartments in under-utilised space on the ground floor of their registered office building.

They approached CRASH for help to remodel the building to create these apartments which will be adjacent to their 24 hour residential rehabilitation unit. The aim is to provide an important step from 24 hour care to independent living for single homeless adults with long term or severe mental health problems.

CRASH has awarded a cash grant of £20,000 and is now calling on Patron companies to support the project with donations of building materials.