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Top tips from VolkerFitzpatrick on running your own Football fundraising activity

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Organise a football fundraiser in aid of CRASH this year.

Last year VolkerFitzpatrick raised over £10,000 by organising a football fundraiser and inviting the whole company, clients, and their supply chain to take part and enjoy the competition. Don’t be put off if you’re not a sports fan, it wasn’t a football fanatic who ended up on top of the leader board and the winner of a flat screen TV!

It’s the ultimate company-wide competition and fun for all to participate in:
  • Inclusive (non-football fans encouraged to take part)
  • Healthy Competition
  • Take part from anywhere – join in from the office, site or at home
  • Easy to organise and promotes collaboration
  • Giving back and supporting a shared cause
Once you’ve decided how your football competition will work either by score predications or a sweepstake, VolkerFitzpatrick have gathered their top tips on how to make it a success:
  • Decide on the competition element, it could be score predictions, club positions in the final table or a sweepstake.
  • Allocate people jobs using their skills set e.g., they had a football fan do a MS form for people to enter their predictions or someone creative to design the poster
  • Suggest a set entry fee donation for everyone participating and create an online giving page
  • Create posters for the site’s office notice boards, send out emails from the directors, publish on your intranet/ yammer/ LinkedIn, etc
  • Open the competition to supply chain, friends and family – it is inclusive, as anyone can participate (they have had people that don’t like football win first prize!)
  • Promote it in advance of the games – for the premier league competition, they split the September to May season into 2 parts with prizes for each, to keep it exciting.
  • Send each person a copy of their own predictions, so they can watch the games with their prediction in mind and cheer accordingly!
  • Send out monthly or weekly leader board to create office banter and healthy competition
  • Seek sponsorship from your supply chain for prizes – they had a SMART 50” TV as first prize, wine and champagne for runners up and a ‘last place’ wooden spoon
  • Promote the winners – with photos of them and their prizes – great incentive to run it again
  • Have fun!

The Premier League 2022/23 starts on 5th August.

The Women’s Super League 2022/23 begins on 3rd September.

And don’t forget, it’s a World Cup year! To be the first to hear about World Cup fundraiser’s in aid of CRASH, make sure you are signed up to our monthly newsletter.



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The possibilities are endless…this idea works for the Olympics, Paralympics or the Rugby World Cup. It is a great way to have fun with your team whilst supporting your industry charity. The CRASH Fundraising Team are on hand to help with advice and support to help you score the ultimate fundraiser!

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