Creative Companions at St Martins Emmaus Launch ‘Shabby-Tat’ Range


The creative companions at St Martins Emmaus Dover & Canterbury have launched an imaginative new initiative called ‘Shabby-TAT’. 
Bringing you the very best in handmade and up cycled furniture, each piece has been either donated or amended to create a very unique piece of furniture for the Shabby-TAT range. 
Each piece of furniture has a story of its history to give it that extra special bit of personality.
Emmaus communities enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in supportive, family environment.  Many of their companions have varied backgrounds but come to Emmaus for a second chance.
The Emmaus movement has existed since 1949, when the founder Abbe Pierre started the first community in Paris. The aim, which remains the same today, was to provide the opportunity for self-help and mutual aid.
Emmaus is not a religious organisation, but Communities around the world have kept the name because of its symbolism. The biblical story, found in the Gospel of Luke, describes how two men saw the resurrected Jesus at the town of Emmaus, and so regained hope.
The Organisations goals can be found in the Universal Manifesto of Emmaus International: ‘Our guiding principle is one which is essential to the whole human race if there is to be any life worth living, and any true peace and happiness either for the individual or society: Serve those worse off than yourself before yourself. Serve the most needy first.’