Future Leaders Recognised at Reception

CRASH Charity honoured the unwavering generosity and loyalty of its Patron Companies at their Annual Reception & Above and Beyond Awards on Thursday 20th July.

Hosted by Building, Barbour ABI and BD Online at UBM’s Head Office, the ceremony brought together an illustrious gallery of big names from the construction and property industry who have all given their valuable time and resources to support the CRASH cause.

CRASH Deputy Chairman Tony Giddings welcomed guests and spoke about some of the remarkable achievements during the past year – CRASH Achievements 2016-17.

CRASH Chief Executive Francesca Roberts then addressed the reception saying: “This event is the one time in the year when the CRASH team can publicly thank you our Patrons for all the tremendous work that you do throughout the year.

“Patron companies underpin every aspect of CRASH, and over the past 21 years, the charity has become an exciting and effective partnership of the corporate and the charitable sectors. What CRASH achieves is only possible thanks to you and your efforts to help people when they are most in need.”

Here is the slideshow that features just some of the work to help homeless and hospice charities.  Most of the people you will see come from CRASH’s Patron Companies.  

Above and Beyond Awards

CRASH Patron Companies Imtech, BAM Construct UK and Taylor received recognition their 15 year commitment to CRASH and Arcadis for their 10 year commitment. CRASH Patrons Arcadis, Bauder and Imtech received awards for their outstanding contributions of professional expertise, materials and fundraising respectively.

In acknowledgment of future leaders of the industry, CRASH presented Special Recognition Awards to three individuals (pictured left) who they believe epitomise the professionalism and determination of the next generation of construction professionals.

Former RICS Matrics Chairman Amy Leader received a medal for her work during her 12 month tenure to raise the profile of CRASH with the members of RICS Matrics as well as raising over £10,000 for the charity.

Speaking about Ryder Architecture’s Ruth Baker, Francesca Roberts said “Ruth is a remarkable young woman who has done so much for CRASH since her company became a Patron. Ruth has helped CRASH in many different ways, by volunteering and helping at events, by undertaking an amazing 1,000 mile fundraising challenge but most of all we are grateful for the way Ruth has shared her professional architectural skills with some of the homelessness projects. Ruth is a talented architect and such a great ambassador for her company, for CRASH charity and for her industry.”

The third Special Recognition Award went to Arcadis’ Charles Harris. “Charles was seconded to CRASH as our Projects Advisor from 2015 to 2017,” said Francesca. “Charles visited every project that applied to CRASH and met our criteria. This meant travelling the length and breadth of the UK looking at the buildings belonging to homelessness and hospice charities and helping CRASH to work out how best we can help.

“During the time he was seconded to CRASH, Charles really raised the bar as to how we could help, and involve as many of our Patron companies as possible. He is another example of what great people and talent we have coming through our industry who also find the time to help charities.”

The final award of the evening, the Tony Dennison Award for outstanding commitment to helping people, was presented to Emmaus Dover’s Community Manager Debra Stevenson and Chair of Trustees Liz Waller. A case study of this project can be found here.

CRASH would like to express their sincere thanks to Building Magazine, BD Online and Barbour ABI for their generosity in hosting the reception, to Photographer Mike O’Dwyer for his continued support of CRASH and to our Patron companies without which we could not have achieved so much over the past year.

Image from the Reception can be viewed below courtesy of Mike O’Dwyer.