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Industry Leaders Recognised for Their Role in Helping Homeless People

The atmosphere was one of appreciation and celebration at CRASH’s annual Patrons’ Reception.

Over 70 key industry figures were welcomed by Lend Lease’s Executive General Manager UK Regions Brian Long, whose organisation generously hosted the reception in their impressive Church Corner room of their London offices.

CRASH Chairman Ian Tyler praised the charity’s work carried out by the team of four under the superb leadership of Chief Executive Francesca Roberts.

It was then the turn of CRASH to thank our Patrons for their continued loyalty and belief that, working in partnership with the charity, they really can make a difference to the lives of homeless men and women throughout the UK.

“While CRASH’s work is about improving the buildings that homeless people need, it’s important not to lose sight of the impact your help has on people,” said Francesca. “Homeless people are not a lost cause. Yes some are difficult and some will struggle to maintain what we might consider a normal settled life but for the majority, if they can find help, homelessness and the effects of that experience will only last for a short time.”

Francesca went on to thank Patrons for the part they play in helping homeless people and for not “expecting someone else to take responsibility.”

Patrons who went above and beyond with their support in 2012 received special awards in the form of trophies.

The award for the Patron providing the greatest value of professional expertise went to EC Harris LLP. Knauf received the trophy for the Patron donating the largest supply of materials and British Gypsum was recognised for their outstanding fundraising efforts in 2012 with their £100k in 100 Day challenge.

British Gypsum MD Mike Chaldecott explained how his ‘barmy idea’ united the entire workforce with a single goal and went “way beyond my dreams”. He said: “The whole experience was so good for the team spirit of the firm and our sister companies. I saw lots of skills, hidden talent, energy and support from staff and customers, which was fantastic!”

Siniat received a special award in recognition of 20 years of loyalty and commitment to CRASH and the CRASH Tony Denison Award for Outstanding Contribution to Helping Homeless People 2012 went to Emmaus Brighton & Hove’s General Manager Christine Squince. She said: “I was absolutely thrilled to receive the Tony Denison award. It’s a delight to work with the CRASH team. You have done so much for Emmaus Brighton & Hove and helped me achieve things which make such a difference to the Community.”

Special thanks must go to Lend Lease for being so accommodating and welcoming to their fellow Patrons, to Knauf for supplying their superb wine from their own vineyards which has become a key attraction of the annual reception and to all those who attended making the event such a wonderful celebration.

Images taken by Mike O’Dwyer at the reception can be viewed on our photostream here.

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