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Q&A with Aidan Brown – the star ironman competitor

“One of the best journeys of my life – I learned so much about myself.”

Aidan Brown

Business Development Manager at Superglass

Our Corporate Patrons often go above and beyond to fundraise for CRASH; however, Aidan Brown really pushed the boundaries with his fundraising challenge.

Aidan, who works for Corporate Patron Superglass, travelled all the way to Spain – raising funds for CRASH by competing in the Ironman Barcelona! He raised an amazing £1,394 for our vital work with homelessness charities and hospices.

The Ironman is a long-distance triathlon, with a total length or 140.6 miles. Here’s a complete breakdown of the distance…

Swimming – 2.4 miles
Cycling – 112 miles
Running – 26.2 miles

A lot can change in a year; Aidan went from having no long-distance endurance and never ridden a bike, to taking on and completing this incredible challenge in 14 hours 40 minutes! We asked Aidan all about his experience and here’s what he had to say…

If you could summarise your experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Toughest thing I’ve ever done.

What inspired you to take part in the Ironman?

I am someone who likes to take myself out my comfort zone and strives to be the best version of myself. I like a challenge, and I thought ironman would be more physical, but I know now it’s 90% mental and you will only achieve what you believe you can.

One year ago, I had no long-distance endurance experience, had never ridden a bike and couldn’t swim one length in a 25-metre pool. So, speaking to someone that had done an ironman, I asked myself why not me? I set myself a target of completing one within a year and that was achieved! I’m also so grateful to be able to raise money for CRASH’s amazing cause in the process.

Did you have a training song to help get you through?

Unfortunately, ironman don’t allow any earphones or electronic devices during the race. So, I purposely trained for the last year without listening to music!

What was your biggest challenge?

The race was tough, and there comes a point where it’s not about how fit you are, but how mentally tough are you.

I would say the hardest part during the race for me was the last ten kilometres of the marathon, my legs began to seize up, I was low on energy, and started to doubt whether I could finish. My body started to give in, but someone once told me when you think you are done, you’re only 30% done! The mind gives up before the body does so, I had to dig deep, and I’ve always been a fighter.

What was training for the Ironman like?

Thankfully, the training required to prepare for a full ironman gives you that mental toughness to keep going. Sometimes I was training 20+ hours per week – doing multiple long swims, cycles and runs. Lots of early mornings and late nights!

What was your post Ironman meal?



CRASH is grateful to be supported by the construction industry and the wonderful people in it, like Aidan who was determined to complete this challenge!

Feeling inspired by Aidan’s incredible acheivement?

Have a look to see which other fundraisers you can take part in for CRASH…

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