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Rowing for CRASH: Areen Design and Pascall & Watson’s Annual Tradition in the Great River Race

Corporate Patron Areen Design took part in London’s Great River Race challenge – an opportunity for a team day out and an amazing way to raise vital funds for CRASH.

As a Corporate Patron, Areen Design already underpin every construction project that CRASH undertakes, but going above and beyond to take on these challenges helps CRASH to better support vulnerable people. These contributions go towards constructing places that care for people who are homeless and children and adults receiving hospice care.

Thank you to the team at Areen Design for rowing in aid of CRASH and matching the £920 raised for our work with homelessness charities and hospices.

Here’s what Areen Design had to say about the event…

Every summer in London, we eagerly anticipate the promise of adventure, camaraderie, and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our community. For Areen Design, the summer of 2023 marked the 10th consecutive year of an exhilarating challenge that embodies all these elements—the Great River Race. This yearly tradition has become an unforgettable journey, leaving an enduring mark on both our team and the community.

Our cause: CRASH Charity:

CRASH is a charity very close to our hearts. Areen Design has been a Corporate patron of CRASH for 10 years. CRASH helps homelessness charities and hospices by refurbishing and improving their buildings to help people in need. With the help of Corporate Patrons’ professional expertise, products and donations, CRASH transforms these facilities into safe and welcoming environments for those in need. For us, this event represents a perfect opportunity to utilize our skills and design passion to contribute to this worthy cause year after year.

The Great River Race:

Frequently hailed as “London’s River Marathon,” the Great River Race is a gruelling 21.6-mile rowing event held on the historic River Thames every September. This iconic race draws rowing enthusiasts, amateur athletes, and charity champions from around the world. But for us, it’s not just an annual race; it’s also an opportunity to champion a noble cause—CRASH charity.

Preparing for the Challenge – A Yearly Ritual:

Preparing for the Great River Race has become a yearly ritual for us. We assemble a dedicated team of rowers, many of whom have little to no prior experience with rowing. Yet, their commitment remains unwavering. Weeks before the race, they train rigorously, both on and off the water, building the stamina and teamwork required for this endurance event.

As summer progresses, our team shows remarkable progress year after year. They develop a deep bond, learn to communicate seamlessly, and move in harmony with each other—essential qualities for success in a race of this magnitude. Their determination isn’t solely about personal achievement; it’s about making a tangible impact for our nominated charity, CRASH.

Race Day – An Annual Tradition:

On the day of the race, our team, donned in their distinctive Oarstar T-shirts, joins hundreds of other rowers, embarking on their epic journey down the Thames. The atmosphere is electric, with supporters lining the riverbanks, cheering on the competitors. Our crew rows with all their might, demonstrating their resilience and spirit, just as they do every year.

As they cross the finish line, they not only achieve their personal goals but also raise funds for CRASH charity, funds that will once again go toward transforming the lives of vulnerable individuals and enhancing the facilities they rely on for shelter and support.

Beyond the Challenge – A Yearly Commitment:

Participating in the Great River Race is more than just a physical challenge; it’s an annual commitment to making a positive impact on our community. Our journey through the Great River Race stands as a shining example of how businesses can use their resources and talents to give back to society, year after year.

We hope our story serves as a reminder that with passion and purpose, we can continue to make waves of change in our communities, one stroke at a time.

So, here’s to the Great River Race, to rowing for a cause, and to the belief that, as a community, we can make a difference when we come together with determination and heart, not just this year, but every year.

Let’s persist in rowing for a brighter, more compassionate world, as we have been doing for a decade. #GreatRiverRace #RowingForACause #CRASHCharity #CommunityImpact

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