Cornwall Homelessness Apr 2014

Helping Hand from CRASH Enables Charity to Support More Rough Sleepers

CRASH supported homelessness charity, The Beacon of Light Centre, to refurbish a new property.

The need

The charity based in Newquay, Cornwall approached CRASH for help to refurbishing a property in order to relocate the existing drop-in centre from the foyer of the United Reformed Church.

The solution

CRASH called upon patrons to assist the venture.

“The Beacon of Light Centre had not previously accessed anything other than minor local support prior to its application to CRASH,” explains Trustee Steve Tench.

How patrons helped

Patron company EC Harris agreed to provide advice in the initial stages of development. Flooring for the new drop-in centre was also donated by CRASH supporter Altro.

The social impact

The Beacon of Light Centre seeks to provide a place in which to meet the needs presented by those who may be homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, alone, isolated, excluded or vulnerable due to ill health, poverty, or circumstances.

“We don’t have much in the way of resources – we depend greatly on the input of volunteers and good will, and we are just a small local project. In spite of this, we can and do provide people with the chance to halt their decline and find a better path upon which to tread. Often, it’s the small things that make the real difference.” He continued: “The assistance and support from CRASH helped us to move closer towards establishing our Day Centre provision.”


at The Beacon of Light Centre

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Together, we deliver lasting social impact in communities across the UK.