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Keep Marching! That’s 10,000 steps a day for you and one BIG March for homelessness and hospice charities

The BIG March is the industry-wide 10,000 steps-a-day challenge being embraced by construction professionals across the UK, with one company involving their office in Germany too!

A huge thank you to every individual and company that is already Marching along for your industry charity, CRASH. You are helping provide a home to adults who are homeless, and you are creating a safe and peaceful space for children and adults who need hospice care.

It’s not too late to join the industry’s BIG March, all you need to do is clock up the remaining 155,000 steps until Thursday 31st March and donate or raise sponsorship.

Thank you to everyone who has been motivating fellow Marchers and sharing your photos on social media – It has been wonderful to see so many people from the construction industry come together for The BIG March!

Here are some of our favourites…

Please keep tagging @CRASHCharity in your photos on social media using #theBIGmarch.

Five top tips to boost your steps in March

  • If you’re commuting, alight your train or bus early and walk the rest of your journey
  • Park further away from your site/office or at the supermarket and… STEP
  • Get started with your Spring Clean – cleaning can be a great way to up your step count!
  • If you’ve had a busy day, how about trying a walking meeting?
  • Up your weekly average with a long trek at the weekend

Five top tips to become a BIG March fundraising hero

  • Share your fundraising page with colleagues, friends, family and anyone who will listen!
  • Double your impact – ask your generous company to match fund
  • If you’ve not managed to hit your step goal… how about paying the price with a penalty donation!
  • Encourage a friend, family member or colleague to join you for the homestretch
  • Add a touch of competition… who is your Top Marcher this week? Ask your company to donate the difference

A reminder of the great work you’re doing…

To see just the type of work that your donations will support, read more about how CRASH extended Emmaus South Lambeth, meaning that an additional five formerly homeless men and women were offered a home and a chance to rebuild their lives in a safe and supportive community, for as long as they need it.

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