The House that CRASH Patrons Built

CRASH has been working with Kairos Community Trust for many years supporting a number of their development projects. The charity has an excellent record of helping homeless men and women with drug and alcohol problems through detox and rehab programmes and a network of 28 supported move-on houses.

Kairos believes that Addiction and homelessness are twin problems, and that the journey to recovery from drugs and alcohol begins in a safe, secure environment. Therefore when Kairos asked CRASH for help with a six bedroom property to provide move on accommodation for people who have completed their rehabilitation programme, we were happy to help.

CRASH Patron 8build worked with Kairos to ensure that all the property met all necessary standards for a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) with BAXI donating a boiler to provide essential heating and hot water.

John Sisk & Sons, who were working on a construction project locally, offered to project manage the extension. They brought on board Green Tea Architects and managed the entire planning process including the submission of plans to Lewisham Council.

Once planning was secured, bricks, plaster board, roofing and paint were donated by Patrons Buildbase, British Gypsum, Bauder, Dulux Trade and floor tiles by Johnson Tiles (Paul Turner pictured above far left). A cash grant of £20,000 brings the total value of CRASH support to £30,898.

Kairos Director Mossie Lyons (pictured above second from right) says: “We now have a spacious kitchen is much more conducive to shared living, an area for a dining table and a glass door to the garden so there is more light.”

He continued: “The relationship between CRASH and Kairos has helped the charity develop our buildings and provide quality accommodation which gives a clear message to our residents that they are valued and respected and that with Kairos they are ‘at home’. Thank you.”