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A New Roof Over Young People’s Heads

Cirencester Housing for Young People (CHYP) is a small charity that makes a big difference to the lives of vulnerable young homeless people in the Cotswold District Area.

Many young people who find themselves homeless as a result of family break-up, abuse or leaving care, have few life skills. Often they do not know how take care of themselves or be independent.  When a young person first arrives at CHYP they are allocated a key-worker who helps them to identify their support needs; be that help with literacy, numeracy, budgeting or life skills. Life skills can include cooking, laundry, personal hygiene and self-care, as well as inclusion in social and leisure activities. CHYP also help these young people with finding the right education support, training, apprenticeships or jobs, and with actually moving on to their own homes and setting everything up.


“All of CHYP’s clients are economically and educationally disadvantaged and have suffered from complicated and insurmountable challenges in their lives. Each young person has their own unique set of problems requiring individual attention. Most importantly they need somebody they can trust and rely on, often for the first time in their lives – that’s where CHYP comes in.”

Natalie Ledger

Support Worker at CHYP

The need

CRASH worked with CHYP a number of years ago, helping them create much needed communal space in the property for young residents to be able to spend time together.  When they approached CRASH for help to repair the roof at their move on property,  the charity was happy to help. CHYP is able to house up to 11 young people but the number depends on individual needs. The damage to the roof could mean that this number would have to lower as the room would be considered unsafe. We were more than happy to lend a helping hand to help CHYP continue the amazing work that they’re doing.

“We provide not only a roof over heads, but practical and emotional support in order for young people to get their lives back on track. The move-on property is important for when they are preparing to live independently, so it’s vital we repair the roof. Not only to avoid further problems with leaks and damage to the house but also so that all bedrooms can remain used by our young homeless people.”

Natalie Ledger

Support Worker at CHYP

The solution

We got to work and reached out to Buildbase for some support in sourcing materials. They generously decided to donate the items needed, free of charge.

“Thanks to the support of CRASH, the roof has been repaired and all bedrooms are now useable, safe and dry – and once re-decorated, they will be much more pleasant to live in. CRASH has saved us £6,200 plus all the potential further costs associated with repair damage caused by a leaking roof. The main benefit is that we can continue to provide a safe place for more young homeless people to stay and receive our support.”

Natalie Ledger

Support Worker at CHYP

How patrons helped

Buildbase provided the materials that were necessary to repair the roof, saving CHYP £6,200. We’re pleased that their money can be put to better use to offer more support for young people.

The social impact

Beccy’s story is similar to that of many of the young people CHYP help. Aged 23, Beccy was forced to move back to her parent’s home following a relationship breakdown. However she suffered from bipolar disorder and her relationship with her family became very strained as she found it impossible to fit back in. She was accepted by CHYP and started working immediately with her key worker.

Initially she was unable to work or attend college, due partly to her illness, but with guidance and support she started to grow in confidence and made steps towards her personal goals.

Before CHYP, Beccy felt her life was going nowhere. Now, three years later, she is moving forward in her life, living independently in her own flat and working.

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