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A Q&A with Aaron Frogley – organiser of the industry’s iconic Pavestone Rally

You may have heard of the industry’s iconic Pavestone Rally, well Aaron Frogley, Sales Director at SIG and organiser of the event shares his inside scoop in this Q&A with CRASH!

The Pavestone Rally invites teams from across the construction industry to take on the adventure of a lifetime, cruising Europe’s greatest roads in fancy dress and completing challenges along the way, all in the name of charity.

CRASH was honoured to be one of four benefitting charities in the memorable Pavestone Rally 2023 (catch up on the event here) and is delighted to announce that the 2025 event will also support CRASH alongside four other charities.

The donations raised for CRASH at this remarkable event will go on to support charity construction projects that create warm, welcoming, and caring environments for people who are homeless and children and adults who need hospice care.

Aaron Frogley was recognised as a CRASH Charity Champion for his incredible fundraising efforts putting on such a fantastic event in 2023 that raised over £210,000 for the four charities. And they’re going to do it all again in 2025!

Check out the Q&A to find out how it all started including Aarons inside top tips if you’re thinking of signing up!

How did this all start?

The rally started back in 2016 when I worked for VADO. I took part in an outside organised rally with a few customers, and we had an absolute blast over the few days and ended up winning the event!

When I returned, I was lucky enough that VADO gave me a pot of money to set up the first industry rally. From there I moved to Pavestone who were equally keen to keep the rally going, and here we are today.

What motivates you to put on the Rally for another year?

I keep asking myself that question…

In all seriousness – ultimately the fundraising is a big part of what motivates me to organise the rally. But it’s the smiles on peoples faces and the stories they have to tell that really keeps it alive!

What three words summarise the Pavestone Rally best?

Fun, Camaraderie and Adventure.

What would you say to somebody who was thinking of signing up a team in the 2025 Rally?

Anyone thinking of taking part… I promise you it’s the BEST five days of your life! Watch the promo video:

What’s the best inside tip you can give to somebody taking part for the first time?

Always think outside the box!

If you had to pick one favourite challenge, what would it be?

There are so many good ones to choose from, as teams put so much effort in to completing them. But one of my favourites was ‘How many people can you fit in your car’ – the rally record was 16!

CRASH is honoured to be a benefitting charity again – thank you. What do you think is unique about CRASH?

I think CRASH in many ways is very similar to the Rally. CRASH brings together various parts of our industry with the ultimate goal of transforming people’s lives.

Interested in the Pavestone Rally 2025?

The 2025 Rally will take place the 3rd – 7th September 2025 with a brand-new route, heading from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam, via Berlin, Malmo and Hamburg!

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