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Why sign up for Ford Ride London-Essex 100? Read what team CRASH riders have to say…

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Ford Ride London-Essex 100 is six weeks away and CRASH have a few charity places to fill for the event on Sunday 26th May 2024*(updated for 2024). So far, 22 brilliant supporters of CRASH from across the construction industry have registered to take part in the 100-mile cycle and raise vital funds to support homelessness charities and hospices.

The companies represented on the starting line are AECOM, Arcadis, Beale & Co, Euroclad Group, Kingspan, Knauf, NG Bailey, Reds10 and VolkerFitzpatrick.

We asked those riding in aid of CRASH a few questions to find out why they chose to take part in support of CRASH, what’s great about cycling, and importantly, how will they celebrate at the finish line?…

Why did you decide to raise money for CRASH?

The construction industry has so much potential to provide our skills and experience to help people. CRASH is helping to realise that potential. – Chris Garghan, Arcadis

It is not often an event comes up like the RideLondon and coupled with an age milestone and the good work that CRASH does I thought it would be a good challenge and fantastic opportunity to help – Adam Whitmore, VolkerFizpatrick

Reds10 is proud to be one of CRASH’s Corporate Patrons, each of us doing what we can to propel their cause and give back to the industry we love. We’ve been involved in and hosted several fundraisers over the years and each time, the sense of community they bring from across the industry has been heart-warming. – Matt Bennion, Reds10

What do you think is special about CRASH?

I don’t know of any other charity which brings people from one industry together to provide the kind of specialist skills and knowledge [the way CRASH does]. – Chris Garghan, Arcadis

CRASH is a special charity as it brings companies from across the construction sector together to work as a collaborative team for the greater good of people who require a helping hand in life. – Anil Sharma, Kingspan Ltd

Despite being a small team, CRASH help the construction industry deliver projects with huge impact for the people that use them. Their passion for the cause is inspirational. Our purpose (helping everyone live learn and thrive in amazing spaces) and professional/technical skills are very aligned with what CRASH do, making our work together even more meaningful. – Matt Bennion, Reds10

What do you enjoy about cycling?

I think it was the comedian, Robin Williams, who said something along the lines of ‘cycling is meditation on two wheels’.  I would agree with that! – Nathan Modell, Beale & Co

Cycling provides a freedom of movement which can’t really be found anywhere else. It is accessible, affordable, and liberating. – Chris Garghan, Arcadis

The social side is fantastic, and you get to meet many people from varied backgrounds. I suppose it does help to keep you fit. – Kevin Woodley, Euroclad Group

How do you plan on celebrating once you have crossed the finish line?

Beer, bath, and bed, and I’m not fussy about the order! – Chris Garghan, Arcadis

By consuming 10,000 calories and having a very long sleep!! – Anil Sharma, Kingspan Ltd

By getting off the bike as quickly as possible and doing something nice with my partner and our little boy – Nathan Modell, Beale & Co

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking of signing up to a fundraising event for CRASH?

Just do it. It’s a great opportunity to do something good for others who are in need. Signing up to an event will definitely help you focus on your training and stop putting off things that can be done today. – Tim Drew, Kingspan Ltd

Make sure that you know what you’re signing up for! I only discovered the riding time completion deadline after I had signed up! It has given me extra incentive to get training! – Chris Garghan, Arcadis

It might sound cliché, but: just do it. CRASH have numerous types of events available, so there really is something that everyone can get involved in. The difficult part is to get going, after that, everything falls into place. Age and ability are no barrier. CRASH make their events very inclusive. – Matt Bennion, Reds10

It’s not too late to join in!

Apply for a place in the 2024 event. The 100 mile ride is on Sunday 26th May, so please only sign up if you are confident you are prepared and able to take part.

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